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Try to avoid one-sided lease provisions

Try to avoid one-sided lease provisions

Office space is one of the largest expenses a growing start-up may incur. Negotiating the best lease possibly can save your company enough money to hire a few more employees or to launch a marketing campaign. Because no lease is standard, we offer some suggestions below to help you become a little more lease-savvy and negotiate a favorable office lease for your company. Whether you want a fully furnished office space for rent in South-Ex, Delhi NCR, we are here to help you:

Length of Lease Term & Rent Escalations

Landlords are typically willing to offer discounts for longer-term leases. However, your company’s needs may change and you may find yourself locked into a lease that is too big, or with rent that is above-market if demand for space subsequently declines. At our inexpensive but suave co-working spaces, you can choose the length of lease term at your pace & can share excess space among multiple business owners. This way you can save costs as well.

Try to avoid one-sided lease provisions

Landlords use form lease agreements that can be very one-sided. Be on the lookout and negotiate on these types of provisions that are heavily landlord-favorable. The landlord is given the right to pass on to the tenant, without limit, increased operating costs such as property taxes, building repairs, etc. Good commercial real estate agencies (like ours) have a good knowledge about the market and can easily get you what you want. This saves a lot of time and cost. If you are looking for office space in Delhi NCR for rent, then get in touch with our experts At coworking office space like ours, you only pay for the space & services you choose, no hidden fees.

Furniture for rent
Ask your commercial real estate agency whether they can provide you with flexible furniture and equipment or not. Instead of buying, ask them whether you can rent them or not. This saves a lot of costs as you won’t be stuck with furniture and equipment when it becomes obsolete (in case you move out of the place).

Consider these Additional expenses
Along with the rent, an office space comes with a lot of hidden costs such as maintenance costs, AMC of lifts, electrical panels, security personnel, parking attendant, Power back-up, common area lighting, Internet, Telephone, fixed electricity charges, water charges, Housekeeping, etc. Before renting a small office space, ensure that you know about the quoted rent and the hidden costs.

If you are a small start-up or an SME, we recommend you to look at some of our coworking workspaces at, where you get all the above and more, at a fixed low cost.

You deserve an environment beyond mere mundane walls and desks. We bring it to you!!

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