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2. Can I register a company here?

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The Member Entity who has taken at-least one Full Private Cabin(s), and have been allocated a cabin number can opt for the ‘Registered Office’ scheme (subject to availability as maybe communicated by Nimble Cowork) where he can register one entity at the Centre’s address for which the member entity shall provide the following details in hard copy duly self attested to the Centre’s administrations staff:

  • Photo ID and address Proof of the founder(s) of Member Entity.
  • Security Deposit equivalent to 3 month’s membership charges, or Rs 1 Lakh (whichever is greater) shall remain deposited with Nimble Cowork. Apart from the above, Rs 3,000/- per month will be charged for collecting the member entity’s post /couriers, and delivering the same to the member entity.
Hey there, one of our representatives will be here to help you momentarily. Please let us your requirement.
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