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2. Setting Up Account to Book Meetings

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Members/Admins are requested to please email us the name & email address of the member(s) to be added to the Skedda Meeting Reservation system at [email protected]


Steps to Book a Conference / Meeting Room:

Step 1: Please check your email Inbox with subject Your invitation to Nimble Cowork. If you have NOT gotten an email, please check with your HR, or contact reception.

Step 2: Click on the Confirm account and set-up login link in the sent email, and please change your password as per your convenience.

Step 3: Now that you have created your account and changed your password, you may go ahead and reserve a room as per your convenience within the no. of hours you signed up for, please visit: https://support.skedda.com/making-and-taking-bookings/creating-bookings-as-a-regular-user

Thanks !

Hey there, one of our representatives will be here to help you momentarily. Please let us your requirement.
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