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3. Booking Meeting/Conference Room

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Firstly, Make sure that your e-mail account has been set-up to reserve a booking / conference room. If you are the first time user, please set-up your account by clicking here.

Next, If your access settings permit it, Regular Users can create bookings for themselves by going to:

They can click anywhere on the scheduler (and only book within your hours or availability, booking window and booking conditions), or click on the small green + symbol to the bottom right of the screen:

Or, click on the small green + symbol to the bottom right of the screen:

The booking window includes:

  • a custom note created by the venue (find out more under article Custom Booking Information)
  • The booking details (date, time and spaces)
  • An option to repeat the booking on a weekly basis
  • An option to add a booking title
  • An option to add notes (only visible to admins)
  • An area to add their details (if they are logged in, their details will pre-populate)

If you have Online Payments setup, there will be an additional area to the booking window, showing the conditions of the chargeable amount and a debit/credit card area.

After confirming their booking a user will receive the booking confirmation email to which you can add custom text.

Hey there, one of our representatives will be here to help you momentarily. Please let us your requirement.
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