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3. Adding email to ‘Address Book’ for Scanning

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Firstly, You must add your email address to the printer, in order to scan and send documents to your email address, especially, if it is a routine task for you. Below are the steps:
1. Press [Scan and Send] → [Address Book].
2. Press [Register/Edit].
3. Press [Register New Dest.].
4. Press [E-Mail].
5. Press [Name].
6. Enter a name for the destination → press [OK].
The first character that you enter for the name is used for sorting the destination list when you press keys, such as [ABC], [DEF], and [GHI], on the Address Book screen. If [Search by Name] is pressed on the Address Book screen, a screen for narrowing the search in the Address Book appears.
7. Press the drop-down list → select an address list from Address List 1 to 10.
Address lists are a convenient way to classify destinations.
8. Press [E-Mail Address].
9. Enter the e-mail address → press [OK].
10. Specify the setting for <Divide Data> as necessary.
For details on Divide Data, see step 4 of “Specifying a Destination by Entering an E-mail Address.”
11. Press [OK].
If you are performing Access Number Management for the Address Book, perform the following operation.
Press [Next] → [Access No.] → [Access No.].
Press [Confirm].
Enter the access number using  –  (numeric keys).
Enter the access number again for confirmation → press [OK] → [OK].
12. Press [Close] → [OK].
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