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2. How can I get attendance for my team?

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With a biometric time and attendance system, there is no disputing who is signing in for duty. A scanned finger ensures accurate payroll, and efficient records keeping. When arriving for work, an employee signs in by submitting a biometric—an act only they can do—and scans out of work on breaks and when the shift is over. The result is a more accountable workforce, cleaner records, and a stronger bottom line.

Further, you may set a rule for your team to swipe the biometrics at the end of the day, on their way out, so that the log takes in the input as the check out time.


How do I get the attendance for my team for say the past month? 

Please create a support ticket for the same detailing the team member’s name(s) and the Duration for which you would like to get the attendance, whether for a month or more.

We shall revert back to you shortly.

Hey there, one of our representatives will be here to help you momentarily. Please let us your requirement.
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